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ILM Level 5 City & Guilds Master Detailer

Gain the advantage and stand out from the crowd with an award of excellence from City & Guilds London.
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Course start dates are flexible around Client & Trainers Availability.

Course Duration
4 – 8 Weeks Depending on your Availability.
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City & Guild Level 5 Master Detailer

City & Guilds ILM Level 5

Benefits for trainees

All Ceramitech training programs provide the trainee with an ILM-approved qualification with real-world vocational context.
Become a Ceramitech installer practicing your craft at the highest level and demonstrate your detailing skills with a globally recognized kitemark.

The ILM City and Guilds Level 5 Master Detailer is a degree equivalent course, specializing in detailing and business management. The content ranges from the practical aspect of detailing but also delves deep into the supplementary business operations that are required to be successful within this industry.

Benefits for employers and clients

Individuals with these qualifications are recognized within the industry as being at the forefront of their specialized fields. Employers look for a recognized kite mark when considering candidates. Dealerships within the automotive industry value installers who have academic evidence of their skillset.

When looking for an installer, prior clients are reassured of high standards and high-quality workmanship. When they see the Ceramitech ILM City and Guilds Level 5 Master Detailer badge.

What you will learn

Why Use Ceramitech Training?

The Ceramitech ILM is currently the only industry-focused qualification for detailing with academic accreditation in the world. 
Our training providers have years of experience within the detailing industry, combining the application of our cutting-edge products with a truly unique pathway to your career success and personal development.

With Ceramitech, not only do you receive the support during the qualification, we believe in a long-term business partnership as part of our globally growing network of Master Detailers.
Our support starts from the initial training process and continues with your ongoing success as a Ceramitech approved installer.

Are you eligible for this course?

Candidates joining the ILM Level 5 Master Detailer course are recommended to have:

Is this the right course for you?

The Ceramitech ILM Level 5 Master detailer course is for those who want to:


  • Innovation and business performance.
  • Financial and social benefits of innovation.
  • Radical and incremental innovation.
  • Innovation as a form of competitive advantage.
  • Need for effective management of change.
  • Continuous Improvement Techniques.
  • The difference between Kaizen (continuous or incremental change) and breakthrough change (eg business process re-engineering).
  • Leadership and change, transactional/transformational leadership and other leadership models relevant to change.
  • Concepts of creativity and innovation and the conditions and processes required to encourage them.
  • Need for environmental scanning and organisational analyses (PESTLE, core competencies, SWOT, etc).
  • The nature and role of vision in the change process.
  • Techniques for critical decision-making.
  • Methods of determining feasibility and viability of opportunities and options, and of contingency planning.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making techniques including the use of quantitative and qualitative information.
  • Identification of human and financial factors in the consideration of change.
  • Techniques for monitoring and evaluating outcomes of change.
  • Methods of assessing the risks and uncertainties associated with proposed changes.
  • Stakeholder mapping.
  • Ways to identify stakeholders in change, and the benefits and costs to stakeholders, in order to overcome resistance.
  • Skills and competencies required to manage innovation and change.
  • Principles and practices associated with managing creativity and innovation.
  • Direct and indirect effects upon other people, departments and organisations.
  • Ways to organise and coordinate resources and activities to achieve planned change, including the use of Gantt charts and network planning as tools for planning change.
  • The role of communication in overcoming barriers and other difficulties.
  • Customer relations as a function of business management focused on finding new customers and retaining existing customers.
  • Concept of decision-makers and decision-making units within customer organisations.
  • High-involvement and low-involvement purchases.
  • Nature of client/customer relations and the role of key account management.
  • Buyer behaviour and the purchase decision-making process.
  • Cognitive dissonance and post-purchase communication.
  • Concept of industry sectors and customer segmentation to analyse the market.
  • Internal and external customers.
  • Methods to analyse main competitors.
  • Environmental scanning, such as PESTLE.
  • Techniques for identifying and developing new markets and products.
  • Methods to assess business risk and feasibility of developing activities to satisfy future markets.
  • Benchmarking and implementation of best practices.
  • The customer supply chain.
  • Supply chain modelling.
  • Supply chain management (SCM).
  • Management of sourcing, procurement, conversion, distribution, cash-flow and logistics.
  • Value chain analysis.
  • Key account management.
  • Monitoring performance against plans to improve customer relations.
  • Customer service standards.
  • SWOT analysis and internal audit.
  • Need for, and systems to provide after-sales service.
  • The need for good internal networks to facilitate customer relations.
  • Benchmarking and implementation of best practices.

What you will receive

ILM City & Guilds Level 5 Master Detailer

Following your completion of all the course and a minimum of a Pass in all the assignments, you’ll receive your Internationally recognised ILM Level 5 Certificate in Master Detailing to recognize the effort and success you’ve achieved.

Master Detailer Network

Upon completion of the ILM Level 5 course, you will automatically be added to the international network of Ceramitech Master Detailers

Annual Master Detailer Conference

All Ceramitech Master Detailers are invited to the exclusive industry forum, to share good practices and input into the future growth of Ceramitech as a brand.

Our Expert Educators


James Peddie

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With so many providers of Professional management training, choosing the right course can be a difficult decision. ILM and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) are both fantastic Institutes to study with, and students are often unsure which option is the best for them.

ILM studies are very popular with individuals who are looking for flexibility, as the schedule of the course is designed around your existing commitments.

ILM courses are broke down into smaller units in comparison to CMI courses. This means studying with ILM is the perfect way to learn about more areas of practical leadership and management.

Don’t forget – Our highly trained course advisors are on hand to help you chose the right institute and course for your professional development aims.

The course can be completed within a minimum of 2 weeks, up to a maximum of 3 months.
The duration of the course is determined by your own schedule, and a tailored delivery plan created specifically for you by your Ceramitech ILM mentor.

The course is a mixture of remote learning and tutorials. The amount of each depends upon the schedule and the individual experience level of the trainee which are determined at the outset of the course with your Ceramitech ILM Advisor.

Studying an ILM course with Ceramitech is a fantastic way to achieve a professional qualification without the worry and hassle many individuals associate with exams.

ILM students are assessed through assignments. For each unit of study, you will need to submit an assignment to your Management expert Tutor. Your work is marked and you are provided with detailed feedback on your work submission.

You can submit your assignments as and when you have completed each unit of study to make studying an ILM Qualification with Ceramitech an excellent way to achieve a Professional recognised Qualification around your other commitments.

ILM are part of the City & Guild family. Upon completion of your ILM Qualification, you will receive a Certificate of Professional Achievement awarded by City & Guilds, accompanied by an official ILM document detailing your success and listing which units of study you selected. This means you can study safe in the knowledge that you are working towards achieving a globally recognised qualification.

Yes. As well as being accredited by an industry-leading Institute, your course is also regulated and approved by Ofqual, the governing body for Qualifications in the UK. This means you can study any of the Ceramitech professional training courses safe in the knowledge that upon completion of your studies you will receive a certificate of your educational achievement which will be recognised globally.

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