When it comes to technology Ceramitech is at the tip of the spear. Our chemist and lab assistants use the worlds finest equipment to research and formulate each and every product that comes out of our laboratory.

Modern, cutting edge technology

Our laboratory itself is completely sealed off from the public and is kept dust free with added use of air filtration system along with a negative air pressure unit. This allows us to keep the environment as clean as possible for mixing and research and development of our coatings.


Nanotechnology is often misunderstood, it is simply the construction of carbon structures on a molecular level when our films are concerned. This means that our products cannot be seen by the naked eye as a matter of fact they are as small as a red blood cell. We measure them on the nano scale sometimes know as macroscale or micrometers/nanometers.
However nanotechnology has a broad meaning and is used in many other forms ie medicine, micro chips, thin films etc , if we were to give you a description of nanotechnology as a whole it would be the construction of things on a micro level.
We construct various carbon nanotubes and nanoshells to manipulate a substrate which when applied a chemical reaction forms them into an indestructible structure which cross-links and bonds to whatever it is applied to.
Paint for example has millions of inconsistencies upon the surface which can’t be seen with the naked eye, our coatings arrange and fill in these inconsistencies giving a truly smooth surface. This also gives off high gloss and shine. This process protects the paint and the substrate from damage. See example pic below of how the coatings work.


Ceramitechs formulas are totally unique to other ceramic nanotechnology coatings available today. It is based on smaller cross-linked barriers giving it better adhesion and with 9H plus hardness while still being flexible at the same time, meaning you get high scratch and scuff resistance but the coating is not brittle but allows for movement in the substrate.

Many coatings of this nature need infrared thermal curing of above 60°C to become active while Ceramitech can be ambient cured giving users the flexibility. If thermal heat is available to the user Ceramitech can be fully cured at the following temperatures-

Ambient – 4 days

60 – 80°C – 2 hours (approx 20-30mins per section)

130 – 180°C – 1 hour

240°C – several minutes

The above curing times are rarely matched in such a durable high temperature resistant coating.


Ceramitech have tested each and every product rigorously but for peace of mind and to maintain our credibility we have independent testing to confirm our product is what we say it is.

Hardness test completed by SGS Europe in accordance with ASTM D 3363-05.


Download our Hardness Test

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