Ceramitech marines coatings are permanent nano-ceramic applications.


Ceramitechs marine coatings are permanent nano ceramic applications which allows its users to have a single one off coating to stop continual lifts for cleaning and anti-foul procedures. Other benefits are reduced marine life build up giving a smoother hull which can reduce drag and thus giving extra speed and a saving in fuel.

This particular coating is only available via application by one of our agents or franchisee’s. Options include coating only for new craft and full preparation and coating for older craft.

We can also provide yearly maintenance for your craft.

Ceramitech Marine can cater for all and any form of water craft from Jet Ski, Offshore Cruisers, Speed Boat or Super Yacht.



This revolutionary coating is and will remain the strongest coating to date for the marine and aviation industry, using patented technology. The saving in operating costs are unparalleled to any other form of coating or paints available. This coating is Marine specific and designed accordingly, it is not an ordinary ceramic coating that can be acquired retail. Only available to our franchisee’s.

Ceramitech Marine have various packages available covering Europe, UAE and The Untied States.

All our franchisee’s, agents and applicators are fully trained including PASMA, IPAF accredited and fully insured, we also provide RAMS for each project we are contracted to complete.

These certificates and accreditation’s are carried to and from each project.

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