Vinyl & PPF

The worlds strongest ceramic nanotechnology.
With wraps and PPF installations becoming more popular its only natural that we designed a coating for top protection. Vinyl/PPF will protect a vinyl wrap or PPF giving them extra life.
Professional use only.

Vinyl & PPF

This particular Ceramitech coating will protect vinyl and PPF giving vital extra protection to these applications.

To be applied after the vinyl or PPF has been fully applied and set.

Flexible yet hard with curing at around 6H* with 2 years+ durability.


Development of Vinyl/PPF coating has been long anticipated.
Now with its release and the formula designed specific for these substrates protection the world of Vinyl & PPF have a true top protection system.
The formula is specific to prolong the substrate giving vital extra life.
Vinyl/PPF has anti yellowing and also gives a deeper colour to vinyl.
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