The worlds strongest ceramic nanotechnology.

Ceramitech 9H plus is above 9H in strength and this nanoceramic coating is second to none.

For professional use only.


Ceramitech 9H plus is a versatile nanotechnology ceramic coating for use on all painted surfaces from cars to motorcycles.
It can be used on interior as well as all exterior parts.
Protect your vehicles paint from road contaminants and the elements permanently.


Our 9H Plus coating has been tried and tested for durability and usability by a team of automotive detailers as well as our own lead applicator and proven to be one of the best products available to date.
Formulated over 7 years by our chemical engineer and his team the end result of this product are rarely matched
Multiple layers of 9H Plus can be applied to increase the thickness of the ceramic coating giving improved scuff and scratch resistance.
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