The worlds strongest ceramic nanotechnology LITEXL is a coating that gives 24 months+ paint protection. Giving the same characteristics as 9H but not a permanent coating.
For professional use only.


Ceramitech 24M is a versatile nanotechnology coating for use on all painted surfaces from cars to motorcycles.

It can be used on interior as well as all exterior parts of many substrates.

Protect your vehicles paint from road contaminants and the elements.


Like our 9H Plus this chemical nanotechnology coating gives some of the same benefits but its durability is around 24+ months, meaning it is great for short term protection.

Formulated by our chemical engineer and his team over the last 2 years 24M is an amazing short term coating.

24M compliments a coating of 9H Plus giving excellent protection to the elements and makes cleaning simple and less often.

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